Discover: Moorecroft Regional Park

Join Chris Barron as he heads to beautiful Moorecroft Regional Park in Nanoose Bay.

Moorcroft started out as an all-girls camp established by Miss Gertrude Moore in 1934. Miss Moore ran the camp until 1954 when the United Church of Canada purchased the property to continue to run it as a camp.

In 2010 the United Church of Canada put a conservation covenant on the title and sold the property to the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) to be used as a park. In 2011 Mororecroft Regional Park opened to the public and encompasses 35 hectares of forests, trails, a meadow and the seashore.

The RDN has allowed most of the park to return to its natural state which means the only building left from the old camp days is the old boathouse near the ocean. It is a beautiful place to visit and have a picnic in the meadow or enjoys the views across the Strait of Georgia.