Discover: Hamilton Marsh

Join Chris Barron as he heads to another hidden gem in the Oceanside area, Hamilton Marsh.

Hamilton Marsh is located about 5 minutes from the Viillage core of Qualiucm Beach between Hilliers Road and the Alberni Highway. To access the marsh, there are two pullout located along Hilliers Road. My recommendation is to use the second pullout for the easiest path.

The lands are privately owned by Island Timberlands who allow the public to access the 360 hectares of forest and 36 hectares of wetland. The marsh itself is the largest body of water in the French Creek Watershed and is the largest waterfowl brood marsh between Nanaimo, Port Alberni and Cumberland. At the very end of the path to the marsh there is a wonderful dock that takes you out a few meters to be able to take in the entire wetland area and its wooded surroundings.

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